Polytechnic Diploma is very popular after 10th. It is a three year course which can provide basic understanding of the subjects. There are many different subjects in which one can choose to get their diploma.
It must be remembered, that India has many good diploma colleges. They can offer good exposure, comfortable infrastructure as well as skillful knowledge. Here are some of the top institutes which you should consider while getting admission into the diploma.

State Board of Technical Education and Training – Andhra Pradesh

Diploma is one of the top courses in the State Board of Technical Education and Training. College offers good campus to students. There is good scope to make a bright future. This is one of the top college in state.

On the positive side, there are all top machinery as well as equipment for students. Along with this a lot of attention is given in grooming. Students are provided with real world experience. Many visits and trips are arranged. Consequently, there are 19 subjects in which colleges offers diploma. Significantly, out of which top courses are Mechanical, Electrical, and Computer Science.

Institute of Technology -- Delhi

For diploma this college is considered as the best. There are skilled staff and good courses. It can offer students with good education. One of the best thing about course is its acceptance. Top companies and colleges accept the diploma. Whereas, there are many placement chances from the campus. Every year thousands of students take admission for diploma.

Entrance test is there for admission. Significantly, only after clearing it one gets admission. Because of entrance test, only bright students get in college. This is the reason for its good performance. It must be remembered that many diploma courses are offered in this Institute. Campus is also one of the best in the country. Hostel facility is there for students.

Gujarat Technical University -Gujarat

This is known for its technical education. Whereas, Campus is one of the best. As most of the industries are in Gujarat, one can get a lot of exposure. Most of the colleges have good infrastructure and facilities.
They can provide good source of education. Most compelling evidence is that there are skillful professors. Admission is given on basis of good marks. It is one of the prosperous and rich states. Living here can be very fun and entertaining. People of the city are friendly as well as helpful.

Department of Technical Education -- Karnataka

This is one of the best places to learn diploma. Karnataka has all which can make your career successful. As long as you are hardworking, this city can provide you success. There are many top colleges in the state.

They can provide top class education. Karnataka has many IT companies. Getting diploma in Computer Science can provide you good exposure. There are many good colleges for computer science diploma in state. Moreover, Most of the colleges are equipped with good facilities.

Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogik Vishwavidyalay -- Madhya Pradesh

There are many good colleges under this university. This can be perfect to get technical education. As long as there is hard word, this can provide good career. Many diploma courses are offered in colleges. Madhya Pradesh can provide many good opportunities.

There are many big industries in the state. On the whole this is one of the best university in country. Mechanical and Electrical are favored subjects. It can provide good career path for students. Hundreds of good colleges are under it. University decides pattern and syllabus of courses. There are many big industries who come for campus recruitment's.

SCTE&VT Orissa

Orissa is one state which can provide many good career opportunities for engineer. There are many top companies in the state. Orissa is known for its steel industry. There are many engineers required to operate the heavy machinery. Getting diploma here can ensure that you get the best chance for your career.

There is a fixes syllabus which university decide. Every year exams are conduct in two semesters. In addition to this students can groom well. They can get good skills and experience. Not to mention, students get industrial visits. Because of these facilities, many students come here for the purpose of admission.

PSBTE and IT - Punjab

Punjab is one of the most prosperous states in the country. Getting your diploma in Punjab can be very beneficial. Punjab also has very good weather which is one point often overlooked. Living in the state is very safe and secure.

Getting education here will make sure that you get success. Accordingly, it can also provide you good personality development. This will make you ready for outside world. It will keep you competitive and provide good progress in career. All things considered, this is one of the top places to take education.

Board of Technical Education, Rajasthan 

There are many good colleges in Rajasthan. It can be a life changing experience to study in this state. It must be remembered that Rajasthan can be interesting place to study. Because the people are very good, living here can be very good. Rajasthan can make sure that you get good career. It will keep you in syc with technology and provide latest education.

Accordingly, education of the state is considered as the best in the world. It can also groom you properly and keep you job ready. Technical education in the state is at par with the world.

TNDTE Tamil Nadu Directorate of Technical Education -- Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is one of the most educationally rich states. It can provide you high class education without problem. Diploma is one of the best courses for technical education. It can ensure that students get complete exposure. Because of the course students can do engineering in future. Accordingly, this course can provide you good jobs.

 Many companies hire Diploma students for technical work. First thing to remember is that this is the base of engineering. On the positive side, it will keep you at par with world education. There are many areas in which diploma course is offered in the state. Students can get skillful using this course.

BTEUP -- Uttar Pradesh

Diploma is one of the most interesting courses. It can provide students with technical knowledge and expertise. Along with this it can provide top quality education. It must be remembered that UP is best place to stay. There are many developed city in the state.

These cities can be perfect to live it. Uttar Pradesh is also a very good place to stay. It can provide some of the best time for the students. Consequently, there is perfect weather in the state.

Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education --Maharashtra

Maharashtra is one of the best places to get education. It can offer some of the best courses in diploma. Consequently, there are many top engineering colleges in the state. It can ensure that students get top future. In a word this is perfect way to get educated.

There are many good colleges as well as institutes in state. Before getting admission it is important to see ranking of college.

Haryana State Board of Technical Education --Haryana

Haryana has many good colleges to study. As it located one of the most prosperous states there are many good companies in the state. Students can get good education and enjoy their stay. There are all the latest techniques as well as machines used for teaching.
It will make sure that students have the best exposure. There are more than 15 areas in which Diploma can be done. Selecting one of your choice could mean that you get perfect future.

West Bengal State Council of Technical Education --West Bengal

West Bengal is one of the most happening state in the country. Most of the top colleges are around Kolkata and can provide top education. Kolkata is also very good to live in.

People are very friendly and can ensure that you are accommodated. Similarly, colleges are also very good. They can provide good future for students. Students can choose one of the many branches for completing diploma.

Board of Technical Education -- Kerala

At the present time, Kerala is one of the best states in world. It can provide a perfect way to refresh while studying. There are many institutes in the state.

These institutes have good professors as well as machinery. It will make sure students are in top position to complete against the world. Infrastructure of the colleges is also very good. They will make sure that students are comfortable and satisfied.

State Board of Technical Education --Bihar

Bihar is emerging as a manufacturing hub. It will provide some of the best ways to get education. Bihar has many good colleges for Diploma. There are many areas in which student can get their diploma. Students can get their education in engineering after Polytechnic.

Similarly, students can also get job after diploma. They can get jobs in big company after diploma. Eventually, getting education in this board will make sure students are technically equipped.


These are some of the top board in the country to get education. They can provide good education and make for bright future. Similarly, with this students can get best jobs after completion of diploma.