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Sunday, June 23, 2013

KPOP Best 100 songs - Korean Music vol10

KPOP Best 100 songs - Korean Music vol10
"24/7 (7 Days)" by Jisung
"A Song For You" by Acoustic Collabo
"Aishite Ne" by Gummy
"aMorejo" by J Rabbit
"Bapjitneun Sori" by PoohPuella
"Beautiful" by Loveholic feat Park Hye Kyoung & Park Ki Young
"Benefactor" by Buzz
"Bom, Yeoreum Geu Sai" by Park Ji Yoon
"Can't Get Through You" by Beige
"Cherry Blossom Ending" by Busker Busker
"Chueog Da Jiwo (Erase All Memories)" by 2Am
"Cleansing Cream" by Brown Eyed Girls
"Coyote" by Trampauline
"Crying" by Heo Young Saeng
"Dear" by Mad Soul Child
"Dear Man" by Fin.K.L
"Deiteu Haejwoyo" by LYn
"Distance" by BoA
"Dosiui Bam" by Soulights
"Eclipse" by Tete feat Han Huijeong
"Endless Story" by Lee Neung Ryong feat Im Juyeon
"Eonjena Nawa Hamkke Haejwoyo" by Lee Yu Rim
"Eotteohgedeun Saraboryeohae" by Cotton Candy
"Everything" by Soul Breeze
"Everything Is Good Today" by Anne
"Falling" by John Park
"Falling Stars" by 2nd Moon
"Feel So Good" by IU
"Geudae" by Brown Eyed Soul
"Geudaer Hyanghan Mellodi" by Nine9
"Geunar Geuttae" by Kim Dalm
"Geunyang Gayo (Just Go)" by Geeks feat Jo Hyeona
"Girlfriend" by Wonder Girls
"Gohyange Saleoriratda" by Lonely H's Band
"Han Yeoreum Bamui Kkum (One Summer Night)" by Brown Eyed Girls
"Hanbeonman Malhaejwo (Tell Me Once)" by JC Ji Eun
"Hello To Myself" by Ye Eun
"Honestly" by Yi Sung Yol
"I Hate You" by 015B
"I Love Lucy" by Big Phony
"I Miss You (Never Never)" by Noel
"I Need You" by K.Will
"I Want To Boast" by Lydia
"I Wanted Your Heart" by Cleansing Cream feat Zebra & Taehwa
"Ireoke Nan (Here I Am Waiting)" by Bada
"Irreversible" by Ga-In
"It Doesn't Matter No More" by Gummy
"It Was You" by Jang Nara feat Alex
"Iteulrae Jiulrae Beorilrae" by Nao
"Jebal (Please)" by Loca
"Joha (Good)" by Lucia
"Just The Two Of Us" by Urban Zakapa
"Lazy Sunday Morning" by Clazziquai Project
"Like Being Hit By A Bullet" by Baek Ji Young
"London" by Yoon Han
"Love Hobby" by Gaeulbanghak
"Love Is Coffee" by Kang Kyun Sung feat As One
"Melody" by Heomin
"Meomulleoyo" by Junggigo
"Mia" by IU
"Midnight Girl" by Shinhwa
"My Music" by Kim Yeonhee
"Na Jigeum Ttwieogago Isseo" by Monni
"Nae Maeumsogui Ttang (Land Of My Heart)" by Yoon Do Hyun Band
"Naega Saranghan Neo Neoreur Saranghan Na" by Taesabiae
"Neon Naekkeo Neon Nae Namja" by Macchiato feat Panini
"Neor Butjabeur Norae (Love Song)" by Rain
"Neowa Gyeolhoneur Handamyeon Johgesseo" by Stocking
"Nine Days" by 3rd Line Butterfly
"Only U" by As One feat Dong Hae
"Peace, Love & Ice Cream" by Younha
"Please" by Jang Jae In
"Please Don't Go" by Tasha
"Pray" by SunnyHill
"Sad Story" by Loveholic
"Siljong (Missing)" by Hwang Do Hye feat Maji
"Sitting In A Cafe" by One More Chance
"Smile" by Kyuhyun
"Solid On The Ground" by Hee Young
"Sonmogeur Jwinda" by Huh Gak
"Stardust" by W & Whale
"Stay Away" by Standing Egg feat Yeseul
"Sumgyeol (Breath)" by Mad Soul Child
"Sweet Mine" by Jung Tae
"Sweetheart" by LYn
"Tears" by The TRAX
"Tell Me Baby" by Isak N Jiyeon
"Tell Me Goodbye" by BigBang
"Tell Me Something" by Black City
"Time" by Huckleberry Finn
"Time To Walk Through Memories" by Nell
"Timeless" by SG Wannabe
"TV Show" by Zitten
"Voice" by Baek Ji Young feat Gary
"Whatever They Say" by TVXQ
"Who's Loving You Now" by Jo Kwon
"Y" by Mono Diary feat Ssiel
"Yibyeolbi" by Hayena
"Yojeum Neo Marya" by J Rabbit
"You're The One" by J.Y. Park