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Sunday, April 14, 2013

KPOP Best 100 songs - Korean Music vol3

KPOP Best 100 songs - Korean Music vol3
"#PeepShow" by Aziatix, Jaurim & Idiotape
"A Boy" by Outsider feat Saet Byul
"Ar Su Eoptneun Insaeng (Unknown Life)" by Kim Gun Mo feat Cho PD & Yoon Il Sang
"Babo (Stupid)" by Juniel feat Jung Yong Hwa
"Banana" by G.NA feat Swings & JC Jieun
"Be Quiet" by Kim Wan Sun feat Yong Jun Hyung
"Bomulseom (Treasure Island)" by House Rulez feat Whale
"Break Down" by Kim Hyun Joong feat Double K
"Bring It Back" by Lee Hyori feat Bekah & JiYoon
"Bum Bum Bum" by Girl's Day feat Song Hobeom
"Cabi Song" by 2PM feat Girls's Generation (SNSD)
"Celebrate" by M.I.B feat Tasha
"Change" by HyunAh feat Junhyung
"Cheongchun Bulpae (Invincible Youth)" by Redhead Ann feat Eunju Appa
"Circus 2008" by Simon D feat Dok2 & E-Sens
"Dagawa Bwa (Come And Look)" by Dal Shabet feat Stranger
"Dancing Heart" by Sori feat Supreme Team
"Daydream" by Anyband
"Do It Better!" by Secret feat Baek Chan
"Don't Tell Me I'm Wrong" by Brian Joo feat Jade Valerie
"Dream High" by Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Suzy, Kim Soo Hyun & JOO
"Driver" by Younha feat Jay Park
"Dulman Isseumyeon" by B1A4 feat Min
"Dynamite" by Ulala Session feat Tasha
"Funky Man" by After School feat Pre-School Girl
"Galaxy Tourist" by Peppertones feat YeonGene
"Get Down" by SHINee feat Luna
"Geu Aen NeoEge Banhaji Anhatta (He Didn't Fall In Love With You)" by Kan Mi Yeon feat Yachaepa
"Geuttaen" by Jae Nae feat Scage
"Going Crazy" by Song Ji Eun feat Bang Yong Kook
"Hello" by Leo Kekoa feat Bumkey
"Hey Boy Play Boy" by Gilme feat Ceejay
"Holiday" by Red Roc feat Lee Haneul & J-Kwondo
"Hot MC" by J'kyun feat ZICO
"How We Feel" by Clazzi feat Seulong
"I Cheated" by G-Dragon & Park Myung Soo feat Park Bom
"I Did It For Love" by BoA feat Sean Garrett
"I Love You Like That Lie" by Namolla Family JW feat Taein
"I Want To See You Again" by NS Yoon Ji feat Sangchu
"I'm Coming" by Rain feat Tablo
"I'm Falling Into You" by No Brain feat Tiger JK
"In The Line Of Fire" by Dynamic Duo feat Mad Soul Child
"Incoming Call" by Electroboyz feat Horan
"Invisible" by Brave Brothers feat Son Dam Bi & Lee Minwoo
"Journey" by Buga Kingz feat Yoon Do Hyun
"Jingle Jingle" by 4Minute feat Mario Amen
"Kkeullyeo (Attractive)" by May Doni feat Cho PD
"Know Your Name" by Jay Park feat Dok2
"Let It Go ~Remix~" by Dok2 feat ChaCha Malone
"Let's Dance" by Yoo Jae Suk feat Tiger JK & Tasha
"Let's Go" by Group Of 20
"Lollipop" by 2NE1 feat BigBang
"Love And War" by Davichi feat HaHa
"Magical Radio (Elly Mhz.)" by Seo In Young feat Nassun
"Make It Rock" by LYn feat Danbi & Seonghyeon
"Mamma Mia" by Narsha feat SunnyHill
"Mercy Me" by K Jun feat Rimi
"Mianhaeyo (I'm Sorry) ~Remix~" by Gummy feat T.O.P.
"Mic Ceremony" by i11evn feat Zico & DJ Wreckx
"Michyeosseo (Crazy)" by Son Dam Bi feat Eric
"Music Makes One" by DJ Koo feat Tasha
"My Ear's Candy" by Baek Ji Young feat Taecyeon
"Nae Dwie Seo Jwo" by Noul feat Jo Hyeona
"Namjaneun Eopda (There Is No Man)" by Brown Eyed Girls feat Young Ji
"Namboda Motan Sai (No Better Than Strangers)" by Baby Soul feat Wheesung
"Nan Arayo (I Know)" by Se7en feat Teddy
"Nappeunnom (Bad Boy)" by Mighty Mouth feat Soya
"Niga Tteonago Nado" by Lim Jeong Hee feat Basick & San E
"Oh My God" by Seo Yeon Jung feat Urban Spaces
"Only You" by Untouchable feat Mellow
"Oops" by Super Junior feat f(x)
"Padam Padam (Heartbeat)" by X-Cross feat Sori
"Paparazzi" by AJOO feat Younha & C-Luv
"Party Rock" by Miryo feat Gaeri & The Koxx
"Please Don't Go" by Honey Family feat DH Music
"Push It" by MC Sniper feat Illinit
"Question" by Drunken Tiger feat Ann
"Rally" by Jewelry feat Nassun
"Really" by Outsider feat Sunday 2pm
"Rocket Girl" by Stellar feat Eric
"Sai (Between)" by 8eight feat Sun Ye, Pdogg & Ye Eun
"SF (OK, Here We Go)" by Han Groo feat DK4RG
"Shake It" by PSY feat No Hong Cheol
"Sick Enough To Die" by MC Mong feat Mellow
"Siren" by Eun Ji Won feat Mr. Tyfoon
"Smile Boy" by Lee Seung Gi feat Kim Yuna
"Summer Night" by 1TYM feat Big Mama
"Super Lady" by Supreme Team feat Bumkey
"Standing On Your Feet!" by MC Meta & DJ Wreckx
"Tarantallegra" by XIA Junsu feat Flowsik
"Tasty Mountain" by San E feat Min
"Teacher" by IU feat Ra.D
"The 'M' Style" by Lee Min Woo feat Tablo
"The Club" by CSJH The Grace feat Rain
"The DJ Is Mine" by Wonder Girls feat School Gyrls
"Tomorrow" by Tablo feat Taeyang
"TTL (Time To Love) Listen.2" by T-ara feat Choshinsung
"Turn Off The TV..." by LeeSsang feat Tasha & Kwon Jung Yul
"Umbrella" by Epik High feat Younha
"Vanilla Love" by Lee Hyun Ji feat Onew
"Victory" by Fame-J feat i11evn & Andup
"Wae Geuraesseo" by JP feat Youjeen
"What I See" Prepix feat Jun Hyung, Esna & Beenzino
"You Look Good" by Verbal Jint feat Black
"You're The One" by Telepathy feat Ondahl

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