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Friday, October 29, 2010

Tânia Mara - Se Quiser video clip (ost - Páginas Da Vida) / amidraliin huudsuud kinonii duu /

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Tânia Mara - Se Quiser Song Lyrics
Anytime you feel
Like you just can't hold on
Just hold on to my love
I'll help you be strong

But you're so afraid to lose
And baby I can't reach your heart
I can't face this world it's keeping us apart
And I could be the one to show you
Everything you missed before
Just hold on now
'Cause I could be the one to give you more

Anytime you need a love baby I'm on your side
Just let me be the one that can make it all right
Anytime you need a love baby you're in my heart
I could make it all right

I look into your eyes
And I feel it coming through
I can't help but want you more than I want to
So baby take our love your way
Cast them all on me
That's all I ever wanted was just to make you see

But I could be the one to heal you
All that you've been searching for
Just hold on to my love
And baby let me give you more


Now there's no way out
And I can't help the way I feel
'Cause baby I'm on fire
And I'll be waiting right here
You know my love is real